Kanye West Releases Song and Music Video Dedicated to Mother Donda News

Kanye West Releases Song and Music Video Dedicated to Mother Donda

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Time icon July 14, 2020

Kanye West releases emotional song and video in the memory of his mother Donda, on her birthday.

The rapper took to Twitter on Sunday to release new music dedicated to his late mother who died in 2007. He captioned his post dedicating it to his incredible mother. Kanye posted a video with it which consisted of footage from his childhood.

The song is also titled after his mother- Donda. It is expected to be a part of his new album, God’s country. In the first few minutes of the track, Kanye’s mother can be heard reciting the lyrics of rapper KRS-One. She was reciting the hit song, Sound of Da Police as a gospel-style track hummed in the background. 

Donda reads that there can never be justice on stolen land. Are you really for peace and equality? / Or when my car is hooked up, you know you want to follow me,’ she continues.

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Vintage footage starts rolling on the screen while she reads. It includes haunting footage of a printing press. It featured a faintly superimposed video of a concerned-looking African-American woman. The footage further showed a young African-American boy peddling up a hill on his bicycle. It is immediately replaced with an African-American mother walking with her children.

Donda continues to narrate saying your laws are minimal. Cause you won’t even think about lookin’ at the real criminal. This has got to cease. Cause we be getting hyped to the sound of da police! she says.

The video also features initial Urban vibe before the footage of Black people living their day-to-day lives abroad came into the frame. An interaction between a Black police officer and motorist plays on the screen. In the next scene, Kanye is seen walking on the beach as he comes and ties his hoodie on one of the trees.

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Donda’s powerful delivery comes to an end at one minute 30-second mark. Kanye starts rapping at this point, ‘The devil is using you, confusing you. Our job is to understand who is who / righteous indignation in this nation / we gon’ start a revolution in this basement.’

Kanye continues: ‘And at the end of the day as truth [presses] / y’all had your statistics and all your goofy questions’. The rapper continues addressing that people have got fake leaders and goes on to say they got it. He further raps saying it only takes 21 days to change a habit.

Kanye also addresses his mother in one of the verses and admits to his stubborn nature. Donda West tragically died in 2007 from complications of a cosmetic surgery. Kanye raps, ‘Momma I need you to tuck me in / I done made some mistakes and they rubbed them in / I know you and Grandma had enough of them / Why I gotta be so stubborn, then?’

While Kanye raps the emotional line, a footage of him and his mother appears on the screen. They were both laughing together as Kanye was rapping besides his mother as he puts his arm around her. He gestures the camera to aim at his mother’s direction.

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However, the song ends abruptly with Kanye rapping that he hopes to end racism once and for all. The release of the track DONDA comes after his recent release Wash Us in The Blood. It featured rapper Travis Scott. Wash Us In The Blood was announced the lead single for Kanye’s upcoming God’s Country, but whether or not DONDA will appear on the album is unknown.

God’s country will be Kanye’s tenth album so far. Kanye recently made headlines after announcing he is going to run for President. He also gave a very controversial interview regarding the same which raised concern and criticism among his fans and family.

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