Kangana Ranaut reacts on TikTok ban in India

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has lauded the decision of Indian government to ban 59 Chinese apps in the country!

Looking at the current scenario, the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps in our country, citing security reasons. This has taken the social media by storm as the list of 59 apps includes Tiktok as well. This has come as a huge blow to the tiktokers. But many other people have happily welcomed the decision of the government.  

One such person is the Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut who has appreciated this move. She told Pinkvilla, “I don’t agree with their ways. And obviously they’ve shown their real crude face to the world also with this pandemic and the bio-war that they’ve unleashed on the world. What is feeding them is their economy. So it is definitely better we cut their roots here in India. And of course when there will not be so much revenue and money, their evil power will come down. And the world will be a better place.”

She also added on saying how China is not the leading power because what leads is also what everyone else suffers their virtues and their sins. Today they are leading power and they have this power that is why the world is suffering.

The actress also encouraged people to buy local goods as she said, “In ancient times when India led the world and the world was a prosperous and inclusive place, I do believe that we need to go back to that time. India is the right leader… Whether it is the religion that we follow, whether the diverse nation that we have of many languages and many religions.”

Kangana also talked about how Hinduism preaches to the world of inclusiveness. And if these communist people become leaders, capitalist people will become leaders, this is what the world is going to be. All about bio-wars and crude economic gains.

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