Kaliwae Talks About Being A Woman In The Rap Game

Feminism in the music industry? Do women deserve more limelight for their contribution as creatives? Well, female rapper Kaliwae shares her perspective regarding this controversial debate. She has just finished recording her new single “Melrose” and is in the process of shooting the video. The lyrics in this song resonate with her ideas about being a woman in the rap game.

Kaliwae insists that it is harder for people to take her seriously, despite her vocal superiority compared to other female rappers. Her close friends have always questioned whether she can release songs that are impactful enough to trigger social changes. She is convinced that such resentment indirectly inspires her to work harder- not to prove her critics wrong but to remind herself that she is a talented woman.


Like most upcoming creatives, Kaliwae consults her mentors.  Blueface, who happens to be her sibling also gives her compelling advice on how she can grow her career. “My brother opened the door for me to follow his footsteps being that he is a top 100 billboard artist. He is the epitome of success that I wish to experience in the future.” Kaliwae regularly chats with Blueface, sharing struggles that impact her progress as a female rapper. She insists that family is the best support system anyone can have regardless of differences and perspectives on specific issues. Blueface always reminds Kaliwae of her potential; women need that kind of positive influence in their lives.

Industrious Women

The rap game can be difficult based on the fact that successful artists have set the standard that upcoming musicians have to actualize. Kaliwae often thinks about Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion. All industrious women who have endured unfair experiences while growing in the game. The similarity shared among these famous female rappers is that they countered all odds to become the best. “Cardi for sure has her own lit lane, and Megan is a beast all on her own. Everybody is just lit. What makes me different is how I am coming. I am coming as an unapologetically boss b***h.” Kaliwae is ready to compete and will fulfill all standards. This is one of the ways that she will inspire other women creatives to realize their potential in any endeavor.

In the next year, Kaliwae envisions growth as a female rapper, but mostly as a powerful woman who is able to dictate everything defining her existence. Her fans should be ready to feel her confidence through music and possibly embrace the same energy in their lives. “I hope that a year from now I am motivating millions.”