Junhoe Debuts As Actor After Fans Slam YG For Not Allowing iKON To Go Solo

Junhoe, often known as Ju-ne, appears to be spreading out. Not only will he be making his acting debut, but it will also be in a Korean film.

The iKON member had previously made headlines for expressing his dissatisfaction with his label, YG Entertainment, for denying them solo opportunities. Only Bobby has released a solo album to date. Various members, such as Chanwoo and Junhoe, have expressed an interest in other professions, with Junhoe stating that he has always wanted to do a musical.

Members have become increasingly open about their desire for solo endeavours, with even Donghyuk and Jinhwan expressing their desire. Fans were irritated by this, as iKON’s dissatisfaction was visible even on their reality show “One Summer Night.”

iKONICs (iKON’s fandom) became a social media trend in the hopes that YG would take notice and give the boys additional solo opportunities. Since their debut in 2015, the boy group has been gaining more individual activities, so it appears that something is in the works. YG confirmed on October 18 that Junhoe has been cast in a film with Jo Byeong-gyu.

Chanwoo, the maknae (youngest) of the group; was recently rumoured to have gotten his first big role in the horror romantic film ‘Chilling Roommate’. He’ll be paired with former GFRIEND’s leader Sowon aka Sojung in the film. The project will be released as both a K-drama and a film. Junhoe, the second youngest member, will make his film acting debut in ‘Even If I Die, One More Time.’

iKON has all appeared in YG’s sitcom ‘YG Future Strategy Office’ as themselves. But Junhoe’s time had come to an end. In ‘Even If I Die, One More Time,’ he will play the main character’s best buddy.

The film is about a stuntman named Jeon Woo-Seok, who is 40 years old, who gets a second chance after an accident sends him back in time to his school days. He is pals with Junhoe’s character Bong-gyun and is played by Jo Byeong-Gyu of ‘The Uncanny Encounter’ fame. Bong-gyun is regarded as a playboy with a lovely demeanour who is devoted to his buddies. ‘Even If I Die, One More Time’ is expected to start filming in October and premiere in 2022.

Junhoe has been trending on social media as a result of his upcoming cinematic debut. A fan wrote, “Your next second lead syndrome, koo junhoe”. Another iKONIC added, “Damn konicland will be super busy for this year-end because our konys boys are fully booked, sexy move!” One fan shared, “iKON ACTOR LINE SO PRETTY.” Another posted, “koo junhoe the playboy student jung chanwoo the chaebol ghost.”


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