Jungkook and RM tease upcoming track with solo images in BTS Butter teaser photos

Members RM and Jungkook appear in new promotional images for BTS’ upcoming track Butter. Although fans adored RM’s eyes and dimple, they couldn’t help but be impressed by Jungkook’s brow pierced.

On Tuesday, BTS posted two solo teaser images for their upcoming song Butter. Leader RM and singer Jungkook are featured in the pictures. Jungkook is wearing a blazer and his purple tresses are on full show in the pictures. The singer takes a step forward and directs his eyes straight at the camera. Jungkook was also spotted with jewels piercing his brow, mimicking an eyebrow piercing look.

RM, on the other hand, wears a crisp white suit and shows off his pink hairstyle. While staring into the frame, the rapper covers a portion of his face with his hands, and his dimple makes an appearance.

Fans were excited when they saw the images. Several fans took to Twitter to express themselves. “‘Smooth as butter’ is how I would describe it. Butter and these concept images evoke feelings of maturity and slickness, similar to ‘dry clean only.’ I’m not sure why, but I’m really looking forward to it! “a supporter said “Namjoon’s eyes have a certain something about them. They have a sharp but wise appearance. Of course, there’s the illegal dimple “another has been added. “Were you under the impression that dynamite had us by the throat??? They were merciful to us, which was dynamite. They’re going to smother us in butter, “third fan says

BTS has also announced that they will perform Butter for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards. “We can no longer contain ourselves! This year’s @BBMAs will be the first time we perform “#BTS Butter”! On Sunday, May 23rd, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, watch “Twitter was used by the community.

With videos and pictures, BTS has been teasing their upcoming track. They began the build-up to the song by releasing the concept poster, which included a variety of elements. A heart-shaped butter on toasted butter, yellow balloons with a smiley, heart-shaped party confetti, juice being poured into a bottle, a camera, gummies spread around the frame, and a broken lollipop are among the items on display.

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