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John Legend Reflects on Video of George Floyd’s Death

John Legend, in his interview with Sunday Today’s Willie Geist, touches upon his new album and the video of George Floyd.

In a preview of the episode of ‘Sunday Sitdown’, John Legend talks about the demise of Floyd which went viral.

John says he has talked to his friends about the video of George Floyd. He says he sees himself under the officers knee. John continues saying he can see his dad under the officer’s knee.

The singer has two children with Chrissy Teigen. He explains that the video reminds him that someone he cares about could be in that position.

John went on that he does see his family when seeing that video. He explains once they hit a certain age their body might seem as a threat to people and they can experience the same thing.

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John Legend, with his family, are trying to keep doing one thing or the other. He had a concert on Instagram amid the lockdown with his family.

John is also working on his album called ‘Bigger Love’. He thinks at this time, when Black people are mourning, it can be something that uplifts them.

John thinks during this time of sorrow, we could all use a little love and relief. And the album is just that.

Chrissy Teigen has also been keeping busy. She arranged a wedding for Luna’s stuffed toys one of these days. While John sang a Selena Gomez song, we could see Luna walking her toys down the isle.

Chrissy also had her breast implants removed recently. She is resting and getting all the love from her little ones. Luna, 4, made her a sweet card. Teigen also recently got a boob-shaped cake to celebrate removal of her implants.

John joked about being desperate for content as Teigen tries to keep them entertained. He says she is doing a great job.

Well we sure are getting entertained by this lovely family almost every other day. And we hope that John Legend’s music is the love and relief that we all need during this difficult time.

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