John Legend Praises Wife Chrissy Teigen With A Heartfelt Mother’s Day Post

John Legend is celebrating his wife on Mother’s Day as he paid tribute to her. He wrote a heartfelt post dedicating it to Chrissy Teigen and honoring her resilient spirit.

The singer wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful wife!” and posted a slideshow of photos of himself, Chrissy, and their kids. He wrote how it has been a year that tested her in many ways but she came through it. The musician wrote, “It’s been a year that tested you in so many ways but you’ve come through stronger, wiser, happier, and a better mother than ever.”

John was referring to their loss last year after Chrissy had a miscarriage at 20 weeks back in September. The singer wrote how lucky he is to have the Cravings author as his partner. He said, “I’m so fortunate to have you as my partner, my inspiration, and my best friend. I love you forever.”

The slideshow posted by the singer included various images which saw heartwarming moments as his wife spent quality time with their kids. John had recently sat down with CBS This Morning, as he candidly talked on how opening about Chrissy’s pregnancy loss allowed them to heal. He shared that he has learned through that process how often it happens to many other families around the world.

“We felt a real sense of community by sharing it with other people. “

John explained that they felt a real sense of community by sharing it with other people. He said they felt seen by them and vice versa and he thinks it helps everyone deal with their grief. The musician said, “We felt a real sense of community by sharing it with other people. They felt seen by us, we felt seen by them, and I think it helps everyone deal with their grief when they know there are other people out there feeling it too.”

After the miscarriage, even Chrissy has talked candidly about the pain and grief that she has endured. However, through all of that, she has encouraged John to be as open as she is and the singer appreciated her for the good it has done.

“I am so glad Chrissy’s instinct was to share this because it was really the right thing to do,” Legend told CBS This Morning host, Gayle King. “I think it helps us get through it, and I think it helped other families going through the same thing get through it.” He shared that people feel shame and lonely thinking they helped people feel less lonely.


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