John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are Expecting Their Third Child

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have announced that they are pregnant with their third child in the new music video. The video called Wild, shows John holding Chrissy as she rests her hands on her baby bump.

The music video was released on Thursday and it also includes their two children Luna and Miles. The couple gives us a lot of PDA while they play with their children.

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Wild is set up at a tropical beach where horses roam around the sand as a symbol of their love. At one point the video shows the couple fighting as Chrissy pushes John away. With tensions rising, John is seen running in the forest in a worried expression.

Ultimately, Chrissy walks back to John and patch things up. They play with their children and hold them in their arms. The couple hasn’t yet confirmed the news. However, sources have confirmed to People that the chef is expecting her third child.

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Chrissy tweeted smiling emojis as the video was released and did not confirm the news. Fans, however, congratulated the model but also some of them are rather surprised. The model had undergone surgery to get her breast implants removed back in June.

Chrissy had said candidly last year that she wanted to wait a little longer before expanding the family further. Her response came after a fan asked her when she was going to have another child. Chrissy replied, ‘Gonna try to wait a few years before trying again. These guys are exhausting!’ 

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The couple has been open about their journey with their difficulty to conceive. They have talked about their fertility problems and have had their children using IVF. Chrissy had opened up about going through several IVF rounds before being pregnant with daughter, Luna.

Chrissy’s Struggle with IVF

The model revealed in an interview with The Cut in 2018 that she was devastated when the IVF didn’t work the first time. She said she blamed herself for it. Chrissy explained, “You just look for anything to blame, especially yourself. I think hearing stories is just really important. You realize there’s no right way to do it or the right way to react.”

The author further said that there is no right way to do IVF and one just has to keep hoping that it happens. She added it is easy for some but not for others but that is okay.

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John Legend, with his family, is trying to keep doing one thing or the other. He had a concert on Instagram amid the lockdown with his family. The singer recently released his album called ‘Bigger Love’. He thinks at this time when Black people are mourning, it can be something that uplifts them.

John thinks during this time of sorrow, we could all use a little love and relief. And the album is just that. Chrissy Teigen has also been keeping busy. She arranged a wedding for Luna’s stuffed toys one of these days. While John sang a Selena Gomez song, we could see Luna walking her toys down the aisle.

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Chrissy also had her breast implants removed recently. She is rested and getting all the love from her little ones. Chrissy often shows off her curves to her followers in snaps. Luna, 4, made her a sweet card. Teigen also recently got a boob-shaped cake to celebrate the removal of her implants.

John joked about being desperate for content as Teigen tries to keep them entertained. He says she is doing a great job.


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