John Cena compares The Suicide Squad to The Peacemaker Show News

John Cena compares The Suicide Squad to The Peacemaker Show

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Time icon July 28, 2021

John Cena compares his HBO Max series Peacemaker to The Suicide Squad, indicating that the two projects will be of equal quality. Cena joins a new franchise with The Suicide Squad, fresh off his appearance as a surprise Toretto sibling in F9.

Next week, James Gunn’s R-rated take on the DC anti-hero team will hit theatres and HBO Max, introducing a new cast of wacky characters straight out of the pages of comic books. Cena’s Peacemaker is one of them, a man so concerned with peace that he’ll kill to attain it.

When Peacemaker’s spin-off series was announced, he was immediately dubbed one of The Suicide Squad’s MVPs. Peacemaker, created by Gunn, will examine the character’s beginnings, however it is unclear when in the DCEU timeline it will take place.

Gunn has been careful not to provide too many facts about The Suicide Squad in order to avoid spoilers. All that is known right now is that Cena will take his place in Peacemaker, which will air on HBO Max in January.

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Another guarantee is that it will be of the same calibre as The Suicide Squad. Cena spoke with while promoting the DCEU picture, saying that fans of The Suicide Squad will appreciate the show because Gunn is also involved with Peacemaker.

“You do, after all, have the same writer and creator. James directed a number of episodes and is clearly active in the production process “Cena said. “So I think you’ll be able to lean into more of those moments on HBO Max with Peacemaker if you enjoy what you saw in The Suicide Squad.”

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