Joe Rogan And Snoop Dogg Predict Mike Tyson To Win Over Logan Paul In Upcoming ‘Rumored’ Fight

Logan Paul is one of the most elite content creators on the planet. However, when the entire influencer boxing trend kicked off, Logan Paul and his younger brother Jake Paul were quick to jum on the bandwagon. And rest is history.

Today, Logan Paul is a YouTuber-turned Professional Boxer and has gotten in the ring with none other than the Greatest Boxer of this generation, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. Logan Paul lasted eight rounds in the bout against Floyd.

Now, there are rumors floating around that Logan Paul is looking to lock horns with veteran legend Iron Mike Tyson in the boxing ring. While he has officially given a statement about fighting Mike Tyson, there has been no official match announcement so far.

Logan Paul said that he can beat Mike Tyson but then the narrative would be that he beat an ‘old man’. Joe Rogan and rapper Snoop Dogg had their two cents on the whole story. On the former’s The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, they discussed an upcoming ‘rumored’ bout between Logan Paul and Mike Tyson.


“Being fifty-five in 2021 is not fifty-five from like 1998,” Joe Rogan said. “It’s not the same thing. You watch him hit pads, it’s terrifying. Not terrifying because he’s fifty-five. It’s a terrifying human. If he was twenty-one and he was hitting pads like that, I’d be ‘holy sh*t, this kid’s a killer.’”

“He’s getting it back. This is terrifying! The fact Logan Paul wants to box him? Wow. I can’t believe they’re really going to do that.”

“I can,” Snoop replied. “I’m probably going to be announcing this sh*t.”

Predicting the fight, Snoop Dogg was in favor of Mike Tyson and even said that he would bet on the boxing veteran.

“Second round KO,” Snoop said.

“It’s going to be interesting to see what Logan can do to keep away from him. The only thing on his side is youth,” Rogan added.

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