Jiten Thakkar Talks About His Web Platform “Local Forever” And How It Can Help Many Local Businesses in Multiple Offshore Markets

Amidst the pandemic, corporate companies are finding it quite challenging to keep themselves stable. Industry gurus recommend that organizations impose a logical, technical, and methodological approach to foster the resilience of their current business models and strategies to ensure their ongoing business operations during the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies are now relying on developing a solid digital strategy and looking for an offshore digital marketing agency to refurbish their marketing tactics. 

Jiten Thakkar is a digital marketer and entrepreneur who believes that businesses should utilize digital media to establish a brand name. He has launched a company named Local Forever with an ideology to support small and offline businesses. Many business owners do not know how to promote their business to reach a broader range of masses. A large number of people suffered significant losses in their businesses during the outbreak of novel coronavirus. Therefore, Thakkar decided to start a company and provide services that can help small enterprises to build a name online and sustain a decent place in the market; at a reasonable rate. 

Various platforms have interviewed Thakkar multiple times. In those interviews, he has discussed everything about Local Forever, the reasons for starting it, the challenges it faced, how he overcame all the hurdles of promoting his work, and the message that he aspires to emerge from small local businesses. 

Mentioned below are the several questions that have been frequently asked and also the responses to those questions.

What is Local Forever? What problems does it aim to solve?

Local Forever is a platform that intends to promote local business growth at all times but especially amid and after the pandemic. It is a local business directory where small business owners can register their names for better exposure. It also provides offline companies with a unique subscription-based pricing model for website based services that can help their business to build an identity in the market online.

Thakkar introduced this concept after discovering that many offline companies suffered tremendous losses during the pandemic because of tough market competition and the fact that they did understand the need for a website. Yet, they were unwilling to go through the hassle of setting it up. The biggest challenge faced by the small enterprises is that they don’t have a sufficient budget in hand to invest in a website to get their company and services online. Local Forever will help such small businesses to set up their website and showcase their services/products online at reasonable prices. 

How did Thakkar promote Local Forever?

Thakkar promoted Local Forever through various means, including organic and paid digital marketing as well as Radio advertising. Social media responded very well. He also reached out too many local businesses in different sectors to educate them about the need to be present where their customers were, i.e., the internet. 

What was the motivation behind Local Forever?

Local and small businesses play a significant role in stabilizing a country’s economy since they possess a larger workforce. Small business owners tend to run their business smoothly; however, if they don’t concentrate on promoting their products on online platforms, their survival in the progressing market competition is brutal. It is unknown to anyone that a vast number of small businesses struggled to find customers and generate sufficient revenue to keep their business going during the global lockdown. As a result of which, they underwent a shutdown. This critical situation prompted the need to set up a platform that could serve as a meeting point for the buyers and sellers and help small businesses quickly get started in the digital space. 

What challenges did Local Forever face initially? 

The initial challenges included partnering with local sources, developing a fully-featured platform ready to launch in such a short duration, along with a cost-effective strategy. Local Forever’s innovative model enables people in business to subscribe to monthly plans without any upfront deposit. 

What are the future goals of Local Forever other than helping small businesses?

The goal of Local Forever is to be the leading local directory platform with all the possible solutions that would make offline to online transformation easier. Another priority is to launch Local Forever’s operational software, providing result-oriented digital marketing services making digital media usage easier for the end-users.

A piece of advice for emerging entrepreneurs  

Whoever wants to start a business or expand their existing business must take action now. It is NOW or NEVER. The idea should be to step ahead from planning and begin executing the plan instead of waiting for the right time or focusing on perfection. No idea is successful unless implemented!


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