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Jeffree Star Apologizes to James Charles Amid Tati Westbrook Drama

Jeffree Star has finally spoken out about the drama surrounding Tati Westbrook and James Charles.

He came out and broke his silence on the accusations made on him and Shane Dawson by Tati Westbrook. She made a 40-minute-long video blaming Shane and Jeffree for manipulating her against James Charles. Although she deleted the video titled, ‘Bye Sister’ in May.

Jeffree posted a 10-minute video and apologized to James Charles. He started the video acknowledging his silence in all the drama that has been happening. Jeffree said he took a lot of time and reflected on himself.

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The beauty guru said in the past he has been known for acting out of anger, frustration, and his emotions. He said, “I’m so quick to grab my phone and just say whatever’s on my mind at that moment, without ever really thinking the ramifications of my words, my actions.”

Jeffree said he has really reflected on his actions by keeping mum about the drama. He said it has been really important that he understands everything he was a part of and what he did wrong. The makeup mogul said he has never tried to bring anyone down and he is not a villain in some movie. Jeffree said that a lot of things that have been said are not true.

He said, “I’m not a villain in a movie. This isn’t a Netflix series with a crazy storyline. This is my real life, and a lot of things that are happening and being said are false.”

Jeffree’s Apology to James Charles

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The YouTube star directly addressed his drama with James Charles. He said he would like to apologize to James Charles for his words and actions. Jeffree continued saying if he was close with him, he should have simply called and clarified everything. He admitted that he let people push him and that he fell for a lot of things. Star said he got caught up in the hype.

He admits that it was disgusting and awful and that it should not have happened. And he adds, “So James, I am truly sorry for my actions and my behavior.”

Tati came forward with accusations against James Charles last year. Jeffree had made several statements about his alleged predatory behavior. Charles denied the allegations in a 41-minute-long video.

After apologizing for his actions, Jeffree defended his best friend, Shane Dawson. Shane recently faced a lot of backlash for his videos which resurfaced. He had used the N-word and made inappropriate sexual jokes previously. Shane posted an apology video titled, Taking Accountability.

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The beauty guru said that Shane is genuine, selfless and one of the kindest people he has ever come across. He continued that Shane would put his family and friends before himself in a flash. Jeffree admitted that both he and Shane got caught up in the drama and did some pretty bad things. He also admitted to feeling shocked when people thought he would distance himself from Shane.

Although Jeffree says he does not standby what Shane did ten years back and neither does Shane support what he did ten years back. But he clarifies that he knows and loves Shane the way he is now.

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