Jason Draizin Emerges As Leading Entrepreneur In A Crowded Cannabis Field

Jason Draizin is the owner and CEO of MarijuanaDoctors.com, a one-stop destination for consumers to learn about marijuana laws, how to find a prescribing physician, and a viable resource for educating potential marijuana users on the numerous benefits of marijuana- as backed my medical and scientific research. He was been involved with the expansion of his site for 10 years, and his inspiration came from navigating the legalities of the real estate market in the Hamptons.

After Drain graduated from college, he worked with his family in the development of residential real estate in the famed Hamptons region of New York. He managed commercial and residential real estate, and eventually decided to apply his knowledge of the legal field to the booming industry of marijuana. Draizin was an investor in multiple pre-ICO companies in LA county, where marijuana was a staple of the popular culture. He is also a partner in a company called Crown Genetics, which has proprietary products and distribution across California, as well as brick and mortar shops. He recognized the legal restrictions that prevented marketing and advertising of marijuana, and applied his in-depth legal knowledge to his brainchild, Marijuana Doctors. 

Draizin sought to create a viable alternative for the marijuana market with MarijuanaDoctors.com, this was due in large part to the rapid legalization of marijuana that has taken place in 36 states, with many set to follow in their footsteps. He was tired of having to turn down patients because they lacked a medical marijuana license, so he created a feature on his site where doctors could participate in state programs that legalized marijuana, giving them the ability to provide medical marijuana prescriptions through the use of his site. His site gives the functional equivalent levels of exposure to physicians as various marijuana apps that help consumers find dispensaries.

Marijuana Doctors has been ten years in the making, and now has over a million qualified patients that frequent his site every month. It was ranked among the top 100 marijuana blogs by Feedspot in 2020.
MarijunaDoctors.com has the legal ability to advertise to a national audience, list delivery services in certain states where it is legal, provide telehealth services for physicians, and provide tremendous resources for first-time patients about the benefits of marijuana and CBD. 

“The ultimate goal is for people to understand marijuana, and to continue to define understanding while at the same time being able to sell marijuana directly off the site, based off the strain and medical condition a consumer may be suffering from.”

Although Draizin currently resides in Miami, he goes back and forth between New York and California to ensure his ventures are running smoothly. Drazin wants to educate people about the benefits of marijuana, and have his site be the first choice when a new patient is looking to see if marijuana is the right holistic remedy to their ailment.

Draizin is keen on helping people find utility in substances that were previously considered illegal drugs, he remains steadfast and committed the goals he set when he ventured out of the real estate sector. Draizin is an investor in various research and development facilities that focus on applying psilocybin and ketamine for improving the health and wellness of people across the country.


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