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Jannat Mirza Explains Why She Moved to Japan

Jannat Mirza disclosed the real reason behind her plans to travel outside of Pakistan and to live in Japan.

Earlier, the TikTok actress had sent her fans into a tizzy when she said she was leaving the country for good.

The news left over 10 million distraught Mirza ‘s huge fans, making them speculate about the reason that motivated her to travel abroad.

Jannat Mirza 1

Mirza admitted she is heartbroken over the ‘sick mindset’ of people living in Pakistan when talking with a fan about the matter.

In response to a fan ‘s question, she confirmed the storey, asking her why she was leaving her homeland and heading to Japan,


The decision of Mirza to travel elsewhere has caused frenzy among her followers, and many suspect it is connected to the sudden ban in Pakistan of the Chinese app TikTok.

Via the video-sharing app, Mirza rose to fame in the nation and accrued a staggering following in a short time.

She is also the first user of TikTok in Pakistan to hit over 10 million fans.

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