James Worthy Sets The Tone For Another Masterpiece “Kaleidoscopes”

Throughout the years of being in the music industry, James Worthy has spent a great deal of time figuring out what his place is in the music industry. However, with extensive amount of trial and errors that crafted a’lot of his production work as of curiosity of what it would sound like with certain artists.

Today James has transitioned to a R&B star that has crafted a body of work that people around the world have heard and loved through 7 songs. That body of work is entitled “Blu Leisure” which embodied many elements of emotion, melody, & interesting collaborations to say the least.

He remembers the day when he decided to take his artistry to the next level while producing and writing for other artists. James’s entire mindset was to not worry so much about Hit singles, but to create a project that could have a long lasting effect, and be called a classic. Once he figured out what concept felt natural to him he began the recording process.

Latterly, James has announced that he will be releasing his second EP entitled “Kaleidoscopes”, which will be a continuation of Blu Leisure. There hasn’t been any features announced as of yet, but it’s safe to say this project seems to be yet another one to remember.