Jake Paul’s Girlfriend Julia Rose Challenges Tommy Fury’s Girlfriend For A Wrestling Match

Jake ‘PRBLM Child’ Paul has taken the world of influencer boxing by storm. He is 4-0 as a professional boxer and will fight Tommy Fury on December 18 to try and maintain his win streak as a professional boxer.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are both undefeated as professional boxers in their career. The fight will finally break the win-streak of any one of them. Tommy Fury will be going in the fight with more experience compared to Jake Paul.

Jake Paul’s last fight was with Tyron Woodley in which he won via split decision. In the same fight, Tommy Fury was on the undercard and was pitted against Jake Paul’s sparring partner Anthony Taylor.

Will Tommy ‘Fumble’?

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have betted that if Tommy loses, he would change his last name to ‘Fumbles’ for 365 days. And guess what? Julia Rose, the girlfriend of YouTuber-turned Boxer Jake Paul is now trying to grab a piece of the action as well. She has challenged Tommy Fury’s girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague.

In talks with TMZ, Julia Rose revealed that she tried to set up a bet with Molly for the Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury bout but she did not respond.

What Did Julia Rose Say?

Julia goes on to question Molly’s confidence in ‘her man’. “I tried having a bet, she didn’t respond,” she said. “Molly’s not too confident in her man. “Molly, let’s make a bet. How confident are you in Tommy? Let’s see?”

When asked about the terms of the wager, Julia Rose said that just like Tommy would change his last name to ‘Fumbles’ after losing to Jake, Molly should also change her surname to ‘Mumbles’.

However, Julia Rose said that it wasn’t necessary to have a bet where the loser changes their surname. She challenged Tommy Fury’s girlfriend Molly for a mud-wrestling match.

Have a look at the comments of Julia Rose in the video below:

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