Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury Expected To Happen By The End Of 2021 News

Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury Expected To Happen By The End Of 2021

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October 18, 2021

The hour is drawing closer than ever! After YouTube Jake Paul beat MMA fighter Tyron Woodley, he has been looking for his next boxing opponent. It now seems that Jake’s search is nearly over.

Jake Paul has been going back and forth with Tommy Fury recently. He offered Tommy an incredible amount of money to get in the boxing ring with him. And now, Tommy Fury’s manager has given insights about the Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fry fight.

Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury

In May 2021, Jake Paul declined to fight Tommy Fury saying that “Tommy has some ladders to climb to get on my level.”

Now, Jake Paul wants to fight Tommy Fury and the contract for the deal is already in the making. The manager of Tommy Fury, in talks with iFL TV said the following:

“Late November / December”

“At the moment we are quite close, we are working through the terms and we are hoping we can get it over the line. t’s a great fight for Tommy, it is very lucrative fight for him as well… Financially, how can you turn that down?”

He also said that: “I think he wins it, but it;s captured everybodt;s imagination. Hopefully, we’ll finish it off this week.. it will be late November/December”.“

Tommy Fury has a better track record as compared to Jake because he has been fighting for a long time now. Jake is 4-0 as a boxer and Tommy Fury 7-0 as a boxer. It is certain that if a fight is to happen between these two fighters, it will be an exhilarating one!

Who do you think will win if Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury happens by the end of 2021? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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