Jake Paul Shares ‘Leaked Footage’ Of Tommy Fury In Boxing Camp

The world of influencer boxing has been taken to the next level by the younger Paul brother, Jake Paul. What started out as fun and games have very well turned into an alternative career for the younger Paul brother.

His boxing fights never fail to attract attention of the world. From fighting professional athletes to UFC champions, Jake Paul has experienced it all. His next challenger Tommy Fury is going to be the first opponent of Jake Paul who is truly a professional boxer with more experience than him. Many experts say that this is Jake’s biggest test to date.

The Leaked Footage

Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury is set to happen on December 18 and as usual, Jake Paul has begun taking jibes at his opponents. After all, the younger Paul brother excels at promoting his fights by building the hype prior to the main event.

Recently, the YouTuber-turned professional boxer took to his Instagram stories to share ‘leaked footage’ of Tommy Fury in his boxing camp that were acquired by his team. However, there is a plot twist.

You might expect that Jake Paul’s team really got their hands on some leaked clips of Tommy Fury in his boxing camp but in reality, the YouTube sensation was trolling and taking a jibe at the British boxer.

Instagram: Jake Paul

He shared a video from a commercial advertisement in which a child is seen working out and eating few supplements.

Jake Paul Takes A Jibe At Nate Diaz

Jake Paul has also exchanged heated words with UFC fighter Nate Diaz recently.

After Nate Diaz accused Jake Paul of fighting only those with less experience than him and tried to discredit his victory against Ben Askren, Jake Paul gave a response. You can see Jake’s response here.

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