Jake Paul Says He Can Easily Beat UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman

Jake Paul has given a whole new face to the influencer boxing trend. His bouts fetch massive PPV figures and of course, make lots of money for all the stakeholders involved.

The YouTuber-turned Boxer is currently on a 4-0 win streak and will aim to maintain that streak when he fights Tommy Fury in the ring on December 18. However, prior to Tommy Fury, Jake Paul had his eyes set on UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman.

‘Light Work’

Usman and Paul’s team had already begun talks of a possible fight but it did not come to fruition. Both the fighters moved on for other challenges with Kamaru Usman fighting and beating Colby Covington at UFC 268 and Jake Paul signing the dotted line to fight Tommy Fury.

When talking about a fight with Kamaru Usman with TMZ, Jake Paul said that the UFC champion would be some ‘light work’ for him.

“I mean, he could barely beat up a 170-pounder,” said Paul. “He took a lot of shots, man. He’s getting old. He’s 35, and I think that’s starting to show. I think he is out of his prime already, and he’s light work.”

Jake Paul Vs UFC Fighters

Jake Paul has fought former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley in early 2021 and won by a split decision. He reiterated his victory over Tyron Woodley while justifying his statement of beating up Kamaru Usman in a boxing match.

“Look what I did to Tyron Woodley. The five-time UFC champion. I know Kamaru beat Woodley. But in boxing, it’s completely different. I’d make light work of him.”

Whether the two will ever lock horns in the boxing ring is yet to be seen. One of the greatest boxers of all time Mike Tyson has said that he wants to see a Jake Paul Vs Kamaru Usman fight happen in the future so you never know what happens!

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