Jake Paul Messaged Floyd Mayweather To Do A Pro Fight With Him

The younger Paul brother has revealed that he got in touch with Floyd Mayweather and challenged him for a pro boxing match.

Floyd Mayweather fought Logan Paul in June 2021 in an exhibition match. At the end of the fight, no winner was announced. The only way to win the match was by the way of knockout.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Jake Paul

Logan Paul lasted eight rounds in the ring with the greatest fighter of all time, Floyd Mayweather. However, Jake Paul thinks he can put up a better performance than his brother.

He said ‘Logan is a great fighter but I’m just built different.’

Jake Paul revealed that he approached Floyd for a pro boxing match that declares a winner at the end but the match is unlikely to happen.

In an interview with talkSPORT, Jake said “I don’t do exhibitions, I told Floyd, I actually messaged him and I said ‘Yo, if you want to do a real pro fight at a weight class, then let’s do it. But I think he’s going to retire and that’s probably what’s best. It’s because my brother is a great fighter, but I’m just built different.”

Who Will Jake Fight Next?

Jake Paul is confident that he would beat Floyd Mayweather if the pro fight between them was to happen.

“I would have take Floyd out and that wouldn’t be good for him.”

The two locked horns during the press conference of Logan Vs Floyd when Jake Paul tried to snatch Floyd Mayweather’s hat giving birth to the famous ‘Gotcha Hat’ meme.

Jake Paul is eyeing his next opponent to get in the ring with and there is no shortage of offers on his table. Then potential next opponent of Jake Paul could he Tommy Fury.

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