Jake Paul Hits Back At Pete Davidson’s Boxing Roast in SNL Skit

Pete Davidson is being chastised by YouTube sensation Jake Paul after he was depicted by the comedian in a Saturday Night Live skit for the butt of a joke.

Jake Paul is one of the most well-known YouTube personalities right now, owing to his boxing endeavours. The social media star has opted to move away from online entertainment and into the world of combat sports, where he has discovered unexpected success.

Paul has a 4-0 professional record, defeating former NBA player Nate Robinson, Olympic mixed martial artist Ben Askren, and former UFC five-time champion Tyron Woodley. The influencer has now set his eyes on a number of opponents, including Tommy Fury and Nate Diaz. His flamboyant entry into the sport of boxing, on the other hand, has garnered him a lot of flak, as seen in a recent Saturday Night Live spoof.

In a live sketch, Pete Davidson played a snooty Jake Paul, who in a bogus interview “announced his next opponent as Muhammad Ali as he added, “If I win you have to change your name back to Cassius Clay!” Unfortunately, based on a comment made by Jake on Instagram a few days after the sketch aired, it does not seem like he finds the joke particularly amusing.

Paul wrote, “Lol @nbcsnl got jokes. This was funny Pete, but I’m still slapping you when I see you next”. The beef between Jake and Pete isn’t new. During an interview in April, Pete criticized Jake Paul claiming the fight shows how low boxing has sunk, before his bout with Ben Askren.

When asked about the incident by his older brother, Logan Paul; Paul retaliated by saying that Davidson “won’t ever be a part of” one of his boxing events again. There’s no telling what could happen next in light of the two stars’ new feud… However, it would make excellent material for a future SNL skit.


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