Jake Paul Hints At Not Doing A Boxing Rematch With Tyron Woodley

American YouTuber-turned Professional Boxer Jake Paul seems not to sure about fighting Tyron Woodley again.

The first Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley took place on August 29th with Jake being declared as the winner. However, the two fighters agreed on a rematch on one condition.

Tyron Woodley Asks For Rematch

Tyron Woodley should get a ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo for the rematch to go ahead. The former MMA fighter did so but now it seems that Jake Paul is not too happy with it.

Jake Paul reacted to Tyron Woodley’s tattoo on his official YouTube channel. And now, in an interview with TalkSports, the YouTuber has opened up about what thinks of the tattoo.

“Let’s see what happens. He was like three or four weeks late on the tattoo, he let the hype die down,” the 24-year-old Jake Paul said.

“I think he had a call with his accountants and he saw how much taxes he had to pay and he was like ‘oh, man, I need to get this tattoo right now.’”

What Did Jake Paul Say?

Paul does not trust Woodley with the tattoo and thinks that he would tweak it after the rematch.

“The weird thing about it,” Paul continued, “is the tattoo is on his middle finger and it’s done in a way where he can change it to say ‘f*** Jake Paul’. He did it so the I looks like an F or could be changed to that, so I think personally he’s going to change it to say f*** Jake Paul on his middle finger… He’s trying to find loopholes and be slick but he’s not as smart as he thinks he is.”

Meanwhile, there are many other potential names that Jake Paul could be getting in the ring with. Some of them are Tommy Fury, Conor McGregor, and more.

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