Jake Paul Gets Challenged By Female Fighter Claressa Shields

Youtuber-turned Boxer Jake Paul has been making waves in the influencer boxing world with his amazing 4-0 boxing record.

Jake Paul’s most recent fight saw him winning over former UFC Champ Tyron Woodley via split-decision. The two agreed upon a rematch if Tyron Woodley gets a tattoo on his body admitting his defeat.

However, Jake Paul pranked Tyron Woodley after he got the tattoo and called him out for a rematch.

‘Greatest Of All Time’

While the YouTuber is eyeing his next opponent to get in the ring with, popular female fighter Claressa Shield has taken a jibe at him.

Claressa openly called out Jake to fight her in the boxing ring. She said that she would ‘whoop his ass’ in the boxing ring.

The famed female fighter also clarified that she would never fight on a Jake Paul undercard because she is the ‘greatest of all time.’

Claressa Challenges Jake Paul

“Don’t ever disrespect me. I would never fight on an undercard of Jake Paul. I’m a three-time division world champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist in boxing. I would never fight on an undercard of Jake Paul.”

“If Jake Paul gets inside a boxing ring with me, he’s getting his ass whooped,” she said. “Look, he is gonna say a lot of stuff. He’s gonna say it’s ‘oh, she’s a woman and I would never hit a girl’ or ‘it’s a lose-lose because if I beat her I’m a woman beater.”

If this was not enough, Claressa went one step forward to call him out for a sparring session or an official boxing match with two-minute rounds each.

Spar Challenge

“If he don’t want to fight cause he’s worried about his image, we can spar. He can bring his camera crew and I can bring mine,” she said. “If you want to do exhibition style with two minute rounds because I’m a woman, we can do that too.”

‘He will have a newfound respect for me if we were to spar or fight.’ Claressa revealed.

What do you think about it? Will Jake Paul Vs Claressa Shields ever be a thing? Perhaps the internet awaits the reaction of the YouTuber turned Boxer on this one.


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