IU 'Strawberry Moon' Tops Charts Soon After Release, Fans Hail 'Queen of Korean Music'

IU ‘Strawberry Moon’ Tops Charts Soon After Release, Fans Hail ‘Queen of Korean Music’

IU’s new romantic, cheerful single, ‘Strawberry Moon,’ was released at midnight on October 19th, seven months after the release of her last regular album, ‘Lilac,’ which topped charts worldwide.

‘Strawberry Moon’ is a beautiful pop-rock song with a gentle voice. The song also has electronic components, and the music video features a romance plot accompanied by light rhythm and electronic elements throughout.

‘Strawberry Moon,’ like every previous song by pop sensation and Queen of Music, IU, has become an overnight phenomenon. Only hours after its release, Edam Entertainment reported that the song has reached number one on the Melon Top 100 chart. The song ‘Strawberry Moon’ was written and recorded entirely by IU. Producer Lee Jonghoon, who collaborated with IU on songs like ‘Zeze’ and ‘Red Queen,’ as well as producer Lee Chaegyu, contributed to the song’s composition.

The music video for IU’s song ‘Strawberry Moon’ was released simultaneously with the single’s release. Flipevil directed the video for the song, and he previously collaborated with IU on the video for ‘Lilac,’ which was released in March. The song video includes Lee Jongwon, a South Korean actor and model who plays IU’s male protagonist and lover.

Instead of following the K-pop practice of releasing songs at 6 p.m. KST, IU released the song around 12 a.m. KST (11:30 a.m. ET) (5 am ET). It’s been reported that songs released around midnight have a hard time making it to the ‘Top 100’ lists, which are updated hourly, due to competition with current tracks that have collected usage over the previous 24 hours.

Fans Call IU, Queen Of Korean Music

Despite the odds being stacked against her, IU was able to place her digital song, “Strawberry Moon,” at the top of major music sites. The song not only topped the charts overnight, but it also remained at the top of real-time rankings on major music websites, confirming that IU is deserving of the title of “Queen of Music.”

IU has achieved her third Realtime All-Kill with the track “Strawberry Moon,” which debuted at No. 1 on MelOn, FLO, Genie, and Bugs charts at the same time. The song has also reached number one on several iTunes, MelOn, Bugs, and Vibe daily and weekly charts, making it an overnight sensation.

Fans have begun to discuss IU’s global dominance, as the song was released at midnight and has already topped various charts. Fans began referring to her as the Queen of Music and tweeted, “Nothing new, IU definitely the queen of Korean music industry. You have problem? Then I don’t care.” One fan said, “Lord IU.” One more fan said, “Not surprise. The supreme of BTS and IU at Korea is amazing.”

One fan pointed, “A midnight release did that.” One fan pointed, “IU. Queen of Korean music industry.” Another fan said, “IU is the Queen Yasmin of South Korea! Queen of releasing new music!! Eme HAHAHAHHHAHAHA SOBRANG GANDA MO PO!!!”

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