Is Anoushey Ashraf Ending Friendship With Yasir Hussain After ‘Kachra’ Controversy?

It seems Yasir Hussain and Anoushey Ashraf’s brawl isn’t over as yet. While Hussain became a target of criticism for his controversial and racist comments about Ertugrul stars,

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However, it looks like things have started to go downhill between the two and Ashraf might be ending all her friendship with Hussain real soon.

The reason why Ashraf might be doing so is because Hussain remarked that the video jockey should have simply sent her a text on WhatsApp, instead of badmouthing her on the public.

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Not only did the situation get worse from that point onward. Contrary to Hussain’s denial towards calling Diliris Ertugrul star Kachra, and right after he called Anoushey out for aligning all her statements of his to Ertugurl.

As rude Hussain has been in the past, it seems this time he went a bit too far and Anoushey is calling quits on their friendship once and for all.

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“Just better yourself and be the best ambassador you can be for Pakistan in your capacity,” she said to her colleague.

Moreover, Ashraf added, “If anything, open a production house that only takes in new talent. That’d be amazing and loved by all.”

Finally, she concludes her statement by saying, “Respect before friendship Yasir. Respect for all.”

End of a beautiful friendship!
And we are in love with this talented queen of screens! In fact we completely stand with her. One can simply not get a head in life by using the platform of bigotry for others.

Right after her reply, actor Yasir Hussain shared a story that pretty much answered a lot of our questions.

Hussain stance doesn’t seem quite okay, in fact, it looks like he is in no mood to apologize either.

The duo have been bantering on and off and people are still wondering when will the feuding end!

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To which, Ashraf backfired with a straightforward response. “Don’t need this kind of fame buddy, I just stood up for what I thought was right”.

Although we all are aware that Hussain, isn’t someone to back down from a fight, we certainly hope that is the case now. Ashraf previously had simply asked Hussain to respect all while moderately schooling him.

Yasir Hussain is a screenwriter, playwright and host from Islamabad best known for his comic roles. He hosted The After Moon Show on Hum TV. He is also known for playing the antagonist in the 2018 social drama Baandi,

Born into a Rajput family from Azad Kashmir, he the youngest in a family of twelve siblings, including a sister who’s a Dubai-based singer, Schumaila Hussain, and who has more recently gained attention for singing the OSTs of dramas Muqabil and Khamoshi, while she has also done works for Lollywood and Bollywood, and a brother who’s a scriptwriter.

Hussain remain associated with Kopycats Production as they produced some of the great plays for theatre which were written by Anwar Maqsood like Half Plate, Pawney 14 August,

Sawa 14 August and Saichin and the most popular Aangan Terha in which Yasir Hussain played the role of Akbar which was originally played by late Saleem Nasir.

Hussain made his Lollywood debut as Moti in the film Karachi Se Lahore (2015) written by himself and directed by Wajahat Rauf

He has also acted in television serials including sitcom Coke Kahani Kya Life Hai and drama serial Dareecha. He reprised his role as Moti in Lahore Se Aagey (2016) was a spin-off to Karachi Se Lahore and was released on 11 November 2016.

He appeared in multiple telefilms and a drama serial Shaadi Mubarak Ho opposite to Kubra Khan directed by Wajahat Rauf and written by Yasir Hussain himself. Hussain hosted two seasons of The After Moon Show. He is currently playing role of an antagonist in drama serial Baandi named as Tahawar.

Yasir Hussain made his comeback in theater after 7 years with Naach Na Jaanay a prequel to Aangan Terrha. The play has been written by Anwar Maqsood. It has been unveiled that the play will be put on premier on 23 March 2019.

Yasir will be leading into the main role of the theater play as the Akbar in the play. Years back this Angan tehra play broke so many records with the highlight of 101 consecutive shows in Karachi. It was also written by Anwar Maqsood.

In Aangan Tehra, Yasir played the role of Saleem Nasir sahib’s character from his drama Aangan Terha as to be seven years back in the serial’s theatre adaptation. Dawar Mahmood will be directing it and KopyKats is standing as producing it at Arts Council Karachi. Yasir said that his role is all about the dancer who is living into the era of Zia.

Yasir Hussain has received criticism from Pathan community for mocking their language Pashto and often trying to elicit racist responses from audiences toward Pathan jokes.

Yasir Hussain was also criticized for his unwelcoming attitude towards Turkish actors and actresses when they came to act in Pakistani ads. He got trolled on every post for his fights but some celebrities agreed he was being bullied and the trolling was getting too much.


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