Internet Divided Over Chris Evans’ Response To The Violence At US Capitol

Celebrities have taken to their social media handle to respond to the mob of Donald Trump supporters storming into Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. The actor has been vocal about political matters and he opened up about this horrific situation as well.

The actor tweeted as he referred to the extremists that he is speechless. He reminded fans to think about the carnage if they had not been white. The Captain America actor wrote, “I’m speechless. Just think of the carnage had they not been white. So many people enabled this.”

Many Marvel fans had taken to social media as they started spending the initial time of the riot by calling on Captain America to save the country. However, after the actor tweeted, many people had mixed feedback about the same.

Some users took offense to him suggesting that many people enable this. This was because in January the actor had launched a political engagement website called A Starting Point. It was described as a “vanity project” by some as it has received heat for offering a bipartisan platform to all American voters to be better informed.

A few of the controversial figures featured on the website are Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Ted Yoho. This led to Chris’ tweet being taken out of context and also being deemed as ‘hypocritical’. One user got right to the point as they told Chris with all due respect ASP is one of the enablers.

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Marvel Fans Ask Chris To ‘Suit Up’

The user further accused the actor of allowing some of those politicians on there and claimed that he invited Trump which he declined. The fan wrote, “We’ve been telling you that you can’t do both sides, not in these times.” Meanwhile, another fan told him not to forget his ‘both sides’ starting point website that gave credibility to the people that encouraged this. The user also took a dig at the design as they described it as “bad”.

However, it was not all hate as his fans also jokingly asked Chris to ‘suit up’. While others asked people to leave Chris alone as he was only expressing himself. The actor has still not acknowledged the criticism as many have insisted he find his shield and suit up.

Chris Evans had revealed last year that he used his role as Captain America to attract politicians to his passion project. Evans revealed, in an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The actor established a website that lets lawmakers explain political issues and legislation. The site is called A Starting Point. He described it as a ‘civic engagement platform’. It allows politicians to speak about everything from artificial intelligence to education and the environment.

Questions about budgeting, finance, taxes, and more will be answered by participating politicians. Evans hopes that this site will help people to understand emerging laws and policies. He saw the idea as a win for everyone involved. Although he says it took him a lot of work to earn politicians’ trust.

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“There were some people I thought would participate”

Evans revealed convincing people was difficult and described it as an ‘uphill battle’. He said initially he just thought of writing a letter and said who would not want to be a part of this. The actor explained but they were trying to cultivate a new relationship. He said they have nothing to show just words and there was apprehension.

In a video, Evans talks to an unknown figure and says there are so many celebrities that have been successful at tricking members of Congress. He assures them that he would be happy to get a coffee or jump on the phone.

“There were some people I thought would participate who wanted to nothing to do with us,” he told Seth, not naming names. “And there were some people that I thought never in a million years would sit down with us, and they showed up and answered everything.”

However, Evans says he had a secret weapon to win the trust of some members. He revealed being Captain America did not hurt and that was the string they were playing the whole time. The self-professed ‘news junkie’ said it was nice to use that got them to the door without adding any pressure.

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