Internet Celebrity Amouranth Spends $10 Million To Buy A 7-Eleven Store

Amouranth, one of the most popular Internet celebrities has shocked the world with her latest purchase. After buying an entire gas station, and also detailing out her retirement plans recently, the Twitch star has now announced that she is a part owner of a 7-Elevent store.

Amouranth spent $10,000,000 to buy a 7-eleven store, oen of the most famous corner stores in the world. While she is not the absolute owner of the store, Amouranth has a quarter of the rights of being an owner.

Why Did She Buy A 7-Eleven?

Taking to her official Twitter handle, she wrote “It’s a syndicate deal so I only own like a quarter of it! Huge location, located close to a Major highway and downtown metro area!” she exclaimed.

The primary motive behind buying a 7-Eleven in a central location is ‘profit’, much like the motive behind buying a Gas Station that she now owns.

“Unlike a Vineyard or sports Team, the latter of which has actually been a great investment looking back, no one buys a gas station to look fancy or flex,” she stated. “A gas station is a numbers only decision.”

Amouranth recently revealed that when a point would come where her passive income exceeds her active income, it would no longer make sense for her to work.

Retirement Plans

“I basically plan to grind it out as long and as hard as I can until either it doesn’t make sense anymore, or at some point the passive income > active income,” she noted. “This makes the most sense, this is the way to MAXIMIZE impact. Because passive income will only overtake active income in the scenario that I fall off a lot, OR my investments compound to the point of dwarfing anything I do actively (stream, 0F, etc).”

Amouranth takes home a massive bag each month and that’s without including her Twitch income! So incase Kaitlyn Amouranth decides not to stream on Twitch for an entire month, she would still pull off a $1 Million month!

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