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In FTWD Season 6 Finale Trailer, the tensions are at an all-time high

The season 6 finale teaser for Fear the Walking Dead has been released, hinting at a dramatic climax as the survivors’ tensions reach nuclear proportions. Fear was created as a spin-off from AMC’s flagship adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead graphic books, and it initially focused on the early days of the zombie outbreak as a family battled for survival.

After a change in showrunners in season 4, the series became a prequel and companion tale to the main series, with TWD characters Morgan and Dwight appearing as prominent cast members at various points.

Madison’s Death

Following the shocking penultimate episode of Fear the Walking Dead, AMC has released the trailer for the season 6 finale. The protagonist survivors must decide out what they can do to survive after Teddy and Riley successfully fired one nuclear missile with 10 warheads targeted at various sites in Texas. Here’s a look at the teaser:

The series’ most recent episode was dramatic, as the characters raced against time to prevent Teddy and Nick Stahl’s Riley from launching the nukes, but the show’s ending, in which they successfully launched at least one, has set up a suspenseful finale. The closing trailer does a good job of not revealing how the group plans to avoid the many nuclear blasts.

The season 6 finale of Fear the Walking Dead, dubbed “The Beginning,” may not have a completely sad conclusion. Plus, with Season 7 officially confirmed for later this year, the conclusion of the imminent nuclear disaster will be known sooner rather than later. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long for the next season of the series.

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