Impressive Journey of Raju Anaspure: A media strategist to actor

In today’s fast developing and digital savvy Entertainment and Media Management industry, a rising star with multi-talent and multiple profile base Raju Anaspure, has born along with a great start of his wonderful acting and skills. Raju Anaspure got a splendid start with Marathi mega busters like’ Ishkawala love ‘and ‘BABAN’. His roles in both films are highly appreciated for his important role in ‘BABAN’ and well mentioned in the media always.

After this, he never turned back and has been receiving a bunch of good movie offers for his acting persona. Some of them are already on the floor and some are about to release in near future. Raju is very sensitive and alert actor, and is cautious about his Movie Roles. Apart from his acting career, he is also planning to produce the new crowd puller media form i.e. a web series for the netizens. Right now, himself is working on the script.

Raju Anaspure has a 10 year’s of wide experience of Movie promotion projects. He has handled very big budget and mega Block buster’s Movies like DuniyaaDari and Ibbhrat. Raju Anaspure implemented very innovative style and strategies of movie promotion work, by starting digital marketing in it. Raju Anaspure is top player in Marathi movies PR and marketing for more than 10 years now. Due to successful PR and marketing and publicity of Movies like DuniyaaDari, SAIRAAT,BABAN, KHWADA, KATYAR KALJAAT GHUSALI AND ‘ANI…Dr. KASHINAATH GHANEKAR..’, Raju and his house’s PR and marketing work has been highly rewarded and accepted in the industry.

Customer Centric Agency
Anaspure Film Publicity and Media house has become best of the breed in the Media Publicity and PR. Nowadays, many filmmakers hire services from MUHURAT till Post Production Publicity and PR with the Agency.

Anaspure Film Publicity and Media house is having expertise in precise publicity medium selection guidance and Celebrity Management.
Celebrity management is a very niche area of expertise. The Celebrity selection for suitable brand is very important for the business and future of it. A celebrity face encashes the right crowed for the given product or services selected .It should make people some buying appeal for the Product; so that some business conversion will happen for the Company.
Because of these value-added services many Film makers are approaching this agency on verge of their Project opening only.
Being Founder and Director of Anaspure Film Publicity and Media house, Raju emphasized on Branding strategies which are really reaching the real class of audience. By studying customer behavior as well as implementing multiple campaigns for the products. Total transparency with the branding activity and the customer is the motto of this agency over the years now. As Agency do care about it’s clients high budget investment aspect as well and concerns about the offerings and deliverables of it’s PR and media publicity Services.

Anaspure Film Publicity and Media house provides a complete turnkey basis Project services in Movies PR. The result oriented approach of the agency gives Client a satisfaction and worth spending their money.
Assured Success Strategy
In digital Marketing, no other agency in existing market is giving assured conversion rate or ratio against client’s huge spending in publicity.
But alike others, this agency has an unique professional approach and touch clients are maintained by the agency over the years because of excellent success results in branding with a touch of responsibility sense.

Because apart from the regular marketing and advertising channels such as TV, Radio, Print media and transit publicity ,the Digital Marketing backup for the Product is required with full fledge branding strategies etc. The Social media usage for marketing and branding campaigning is required to backen up with all possibility. This combined and full proof work will not only engage real customer views but will really generate some serious leads , too. This is done by frequent youtube videos promotions, Facebook and instagram ads and campaigning for the Publicity and marketing of a movie – as a product here.

Anaspure Film Publicity and Media house does the expert service of Digital PR via leading News Portals and gives complete Market reach with branding and awareness . This Digital PR activity via expert hands results in good Google ranking.

With his 360 touching work graph from Film Publicity and Media house to his most passion able dream chess of Acting ,he is simply awesome and has been doing unstoppable highly energetic , magnitude work in this area of Entertainment.