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Iman Ali Clearly Rejects Working With Writer Khalil-ur-Rehman On Live Show

Iman Ali is a gorgeous and pretty model and also an amazing actress of the Pakistani entertainment industry.

She is the daughter of veteran personalities Abid Ali and Humaira Chaudhary. Iman Ali has appeared in blockbuster movies “Khuda ke Liye”, “Bol” and “Mah-e-meer”.

Iman is also set to appear in the upcoming movie “Tich Button“, which is Urwa Hocane’s first film as a producer.

Iman Ali On Ghabrana Mana Hai

Iman Ali recently appeared in the play “Ghabrana Mana hai” which is a famous show hosted by Vasay Chaudhary and is broadcasted on Ary digital.

While referring to some of the films Iman Ali rejected, she indirectly pointed to one of the writers who appeared to be Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar.

What Did Iman Ali Say?

Iman said, “It is possible that a films director is your friend but its writer is not even your friend”.

Vasay further added saying, “So You also have such a classification?” where she responded saying, ” There can be people in the middle who you hate.”

At the end of the show Vasay said, “We hope to see a lot more from you in the industry”. Iman replied, “I want someone to come and surprise me with a good script”.

Iman Declines Working With Khalil-ur-Rehman

Vasay added, “Khalil Sahab are you listening?” but Iman Ali responded with great clarity “NO” in dealing with him.

Imran said, “No, I wish he didn’t listen to this announcement.”

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