Iggy Azalea Unveils Cover Art for New Song DLNW With Tinashe

Iggy Azalea revealed the new cover art for her new song DLNW with Tinashe. She posted it on Sunday while the song releases on Friday.

The Grammy-nominated singer said, “@tinashenow ate this up. Can’t wait for everyone to hear this song.” She further revealed that they have also made one for the books.

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Iggy wore the same exact corseted costume and feathered fascinator while photographed pushing her newborn son Onyx. Azalea made a promise to fans that DLNW will be different from her last collaboration.

The duo has only performed on stage together at the Washington State Fair back in September 2015. R&B songstress was also the opening performance of Iggy’s 21-day Great Escape Tour. However, it was canceled in May 2015 because of its low sale of tickets.

On Sunday, Azalea took toTikTokto admit of her three-month-old boy: ‘You think you can hurt my feelings? My baby cries when I play my music…’ She revealed she was joking and clarified that her son has only ever heard the Lion King so far. The artist assures, “Kidddding. He’s only heard The Lion King so far.”

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Iggy’s baby is believed to be the child of her on-again and off-again boyfriend, rapper Playboi Carti. She took to Twitter on Friday and gushed about being a dork during Halloween. Azalea said Halloween is around the corner and she cannot wait to dress up with her baby.

The rapper shocked fans in June by revealing that she is a mother. Iggy, 30-year-old, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, shared the news on her Instagram story. Saying she wants to make it clear she is not keeping his arrival a secret.

Iggy’s Surprise Pregnancy

The rapper revealed on Instagram Wednesday that she recently welcomed her first child — a baby boy.

“I have a son,” Azalea began in a message on her Instagram Story. “I kept waiting for the right time to say something, but it feels like the more time passes, the more I realize I’m always going to feel anxious to share the news that giant with the world.”

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The Grammy nominee went on to write, “I want to make his life private, but wanted to make it clear he is not a secret and I love him beyond words.” TMZ reported last month that Iggy and Carti welcomed a baby boy together while sharing details of a new family-friendly 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan, reportedly purchased. That only led to more speculation.

In April, the Aussie clapped back at rumors that she and Playboi Carti had welcomed their first child. “It would be so great if you stopped paying any mind to random tea pages,” she tweeted at the time.

Despite the two having dated, just before Christmas Day last year, while vacationing in Bali, Iggy wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post that she was single. At the time, pregnancy rumors were still coming full force. But she shut them down by sharing images of herself in a bikini.

Although Carti was not mentioned in Iggy’s IG post announcing her child, fans are assuming he is the father of her son. Carti andThe New Classicrapper went public as a couple in September of 2018.

breaking blackpink x selena gomez collaboration is finally happening 35

When an Instagram follower commented on her weight the following month, Azalea wrote, “Why do I have to be gaining weight because I want to post a few selfies. The obsession with my body you guys have is unhealthy. I posted a picture of my body just last week I HAVE A F–KING SIX PACK. Please get a life. Every image I post does not need to be of my body.”

Azalea was previously engaged to NBA player Nick Young before their 2016 split. Then she was dating French Montana and Odell Beckham Jr.


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