I have always been underestimated, that actually helps me – Adam Zampa

Zampa has not been the headline act of this World Cup, actually, he never has been the headline. For most part of his career. Starc and Cummins, other Australian bowlers, manage to make their name in the columns section but it is Zampa who is not much talked about. Does that make him any less of a successful bowler? Absolutely not. In fact, Zampa is the leading wicket-taker in the ongoing T20 World Cup since the start of super 12s stage.

I am always underestimated, I thrive on that – Zampa

“I’ve always been underestimated,” Zampa says, with no hint of a smile. “Even as a 15 or 16-year-old growing up in the country, there was always a city guy that was better than me or there’s always been someone that turns their legspinner more than I do. Even after this tournament, there’ll be another series that comes up and I’ll be underestimated again. I kind of do thrive off that.”

“If anything, it has made my role a little bit clearer,” Zampa says. “I know I’m in the team to get wickets through the middle overs and in some cases, depending on the match-ups, I’ll bowl quite late in the innings as well.

“I know my role and I thrive off those challenges. Spin bowling in the middle overs of T20s can be tough work but it’s something I really enjoy. In this tournament in particular, I’ve tried not to be something that I’m not. I know what my strengths are and I do them to the best of my ability. I feel confident with my role in this team… wickets through the middle is what I’m trying to achieve and luckily, so far, I’ve been able to do it.”

Stoinis lauds Zampa’s attitude
“I think he’s been brilliant,” Marcus Stoinis, Zampa’s Melbourne Stars team-mate and close friend, said. “He took complete control of his four overs and of the innings at that stage where they were going really well. Zampa is getting better and better. He’s super honest.
“He took his five wickets [against Bangladesh] the other night and he felt he didn’t bowl well. And so that’s a quality of a good player, I think – when you’re picking apart your own game and you understand what exactly what you’re doing.”
The technical changes Zampa made in his bowling to flourish
“There’s a few technical things that I like to keep track of,” he explains. “I haven’t changed too much but I just try and get a really short stride.
“If my stride length is really long, I don’t get enough pace or spin on the ball. There’s a couple of legspinners who have short strides: I think Imran Tahir is the best example, and he’s got great control. So I feel like if I can get that stride right, it helps me with my control when I know where the ball is going.
Lastly, Zampa talks about the Big World Cup Final on Sunday
“New Zealand have something about them,” Zampa says. “They’ve made a couple of finals in other formats and they’ve taken it really deep in this one so they’re a formidable challenge. I don’t think we’ll be inside their heads. They’re led really well and they’ve got experience as well. It’s going to be a great battle.”


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