Sykkuno Responds To "Poor Baiting" Accusations On Twitch Leak Backlash

‘I Am Not A Twitch Fan Boy’: Sykkuno Criticizes Twitch Turbo Feature

Twitch streamer Sykkuno has criticized the very platform that he streams on. He is one of the most reputed and well-known streamers of the platform. However, there are things that Sykkuno feels strongly about and he decided to talk about them in his recent stream.

Sykkuno emphasized on the fact that Twitch ads have become ‘annoying’ and the platform is forcing the viewers to watch the ads. Well, you might be thinking that there is also the Twitch Turbo feature which allows an ad-free experience so why not opt for that? Well, Sykkuno has a problem with it.

‘One Ad Is Not So Bad’

He clarified that he is not completely against ads but he is against a flurry of forced ads.

“I feel one ad is not so bad,” he explained. But sometimes I pop into a stream, and it hits me with eight ads in a row, and I’m just like, ‘I wanted to watch the stream, not the same ad!’”

The ads take minimum of 15 seconds and can extend up to a minute before the viewer is allowed to watch the stream. Sykkuno also said that the Twich Turbo feature doesn’t help enough because it is conducive to the platform, and not the streamers.

“It’s not that I don’t appreciate Twitch, but I’m here for the streamers. I’m not a Twitch fanboy. I think twitch is cool, and I appreciate them, but that’s just how it is for me. I support streamers, not the platform.”

Is Sykkuno Right?

Sykkuno has been outspoken about his opinions from the start. He recently jumped to defend fellow streamer Valkyrae while everyone was lashing out at her for launching the RFLCT brand that claimed to protect users from harmful blue-light without any scientific evidence.

Coming back to Sykkuno’s criticism of Twitch, fans have said that he probably is not aware that “Twitch Partners and Affiliates still get credit for ad impressions when a Twitch Turbo subscriber watches their channel,” as per the official rules.

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