HYBE Editors Call BTS Star 'Chicken Jimin' in Video, ARMY Slam Use of Insulting Name

HYBE Editors Call BTS Star ‘Chicken Jimin’ in Video, ARMY Slam Use of Insulting Name

It’s no secret that the ARMY is fiercely protective of BTS. They received hostility from their own country; and were subjected to racist and sexist slurs when they initially debuted; before becoming the global sensation they are now.

The only thing that made it bearable was the fact that their label, BigHit (now HYBE LABELS); was always quick to intervene and protect the boys. This is why fans were even more outraged when Jimin’s current defamation came from HYBE’s own video editors.

While trolls and antis do harass BTS on occasion, ARMY claimed that they never anticipated HYBE to follow suit. BTS’ most recent YouTube video sparked outrage among fans. On October 28, their YouTube channel BANGTANTV posted a behind-the-scenes vlog of the global K-pop group’s trip to New York for the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly).

The Korean subtitles refer to Jimin as ‘Chicken Jimin’ at one point. Fans in Korea noted that calling someone a “chicken” is pejorative since it is linked to a political scandal; and also signifies “brainless” and “dumb.”

The subtitles were for Yoongi, who called his group member ‘Park Jaoi Min,’ which is a mix of Jimin’s name and the phrase ‘I am sorry’. The fact that the editor is presumably Korean has outraged fans even more; as the person who inserted the subtitle should have known better than to use a derogatory term.

Furthermore, according to ARMY, the term “Chicken Jimin” has been used by antis and haters for a long time. This isn’t the first time that the HYBE team has been chastised. They were previously chastised for providing BTS with ill-fitting shoes and clothing during their recent ‘PTD’ concert; which might have been deadly as one member lost his shoe in the middle of the performance.

ARMY Calls Out HYBE For Disrespecting Jimin

Fans have expressed their anger as they started trending “Hybe Respect Jimin” and “Hybe Clean Your Editors”. A fan tweeted, “Apparently on the new Bangtan Bomb, the subtitles in Korean provided by HYBE put in the subtittles instead of Front-facing baby chick’s name, a nickname used by an/tis and h@te blogs. We want the subtitles fixed and the employee repreended. HYBE RESPECT JIMIN”.

Another fan expressed, “Jimin deserves so much better, especially from his own company. This is disgusting on your behalf hybe. HYBE CLEAN YOUR EDITORS.”

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