Hrithik Roshan Reacts On His Transformation In Super 30

Superstar Hrithik Roshan recently attended an event in Udaipur. At the event, the actor saw a massive horde of fans waiting for him in scorching heat and decided to join them by stepping out in the sun while addressing them.

While talking about his work during a Q&A session, Hrithik was asked about his transformation from Anand Kumar in Super 30 to Kabir in WAR, to which he shared, “It is amazing that I am the same person, but I work and change my thoughts. I feel Kabir’s heart and Anand’s heart are one. But do not judge by seeing someone. I have seen that both these men are the same but the way they treat you is different.”

Hrithik further added, “Both characters were a difficulty. But to be honest, Super 30 was easier because he had more heart. Perhaps in my previous life, I may have been a Bihari.”

The actor shook everyone with his performance first, in Super 30 as mathematician Anand Kumar, following which fans witnessed Hrithik Roshan undergo a massive transformation as Kabir in WAR.

Hrithik Roshan owned 2019 with both his movies and received raving reviews from critics and the audience alike. WAR went on to become the highest-grossing movies of 2019 as it entered the 300 crore club, shattering all records.