How Victor Smushkevich Built A 7-Figure Digital Marketing Agency

Victor Smushkevich, founder and CEO of Smart Street Media, recently sat down with CloutNews to talk about how to become successful in the search engine optimization (SEO) business. And he would know a thing or two about success. In 2012, Victor was a college dropout working as a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza. Now, he’s one of the most successful SEO gurus in the business.

SEO is the business of boosting websites’ search rankings. The higher a site’s search ranking, the more likely it is to get visited. And the more visitors a site gets, the more money it will make, whether through direct business, advertising, or affiliate links for online merchants such as Amazon.

Victor’s focus was on creating an SEO landing page. A landing page is simply a page that’s specifically designed to rank highly in search results. By creating a good landing page, a website can draw more visitors to their site, and encourage them to do business or navigate to other pages on the site that are better suited to their needs.

One thing he discussed was the importance of catering to Google’s search algorithms. These algorithms are updated on an ongoing basis, so it’s important to keep track of algorithm changes in order to run a successful site. And Victor would know a thing or two about running a successful site. In addition to his multimillion-dollar business at Smart Street Media, Victor also founded, which he has since sold off to outside investors.

Victor remains deeply engaged in his business. Through his work, his clients have generated over $100 million in new revenue. They’ve also generated over a million direct phone calls from customers, all of this due to free web traffic.

Back in the bad old days of search algorithms, search engines were focused exclusively on keywords. This led to some clunky-looking web pages, with text that essentially read like a string of keywords, without any coherence. Nowadays, search algorithms are much smarter. They look for keywords that are spread evenly throughout the page.

Victor has clearly stated that this kind of strategic keyword use is essential. And he’s not just blowing smoke; he’s a talented writer. In addition to his business work, he’s also a contributor at Forbes,, HuffPost, Business2Community, and other leading publications in the tech industry.

In addition, Victor places a lot of focus on backlinks. A backlink means that a site has been linked to by another highly-ranked site. Backlinks can be reciprocal. Oftentimes, websites will swap them, which can lead to a mutually-beneficial boost in traffic for both websites.

Victor Smushkevich also stresses the importance of publishing to your own custom URL. Simply put, web pages that are on subdomains of Amazon, Google, and other service providers don’t rank very well. A custom URL lends credibility that search engine algorithms love. Finally, he says that page length is irrelevant. As long as you’re using the right keywords in the right way, your site will rank well. With his expertise in this field, we look forward to more success – and more insights – from Victor Smushkevich.