How This Woman Cultivated A Multi-Million Dollar Business While Battling An Autoimmune Disease

Being a female Entrepreneur isn’t easy but this amazing woman is that and then some. Meet Super-Hero Natasha Burton. Burton is the co-founder of the highly successful restaurant, Krab Queenz and founder of hair supply company, Exquisite Hair and Flush Hydration IV. At a young age, she has mastered running multiple successful businesses but what separates Burton from other entrepreneurs is that she suffers from an autoimmune disease all while balancing entrepreneurship. 

“In order to have balance you have to take a break! Reset! Recharge and Repeat,” said Burton.

Inspired by her passion for food, Natasha Burton Burton along with her co-founders opened their restaurant, Krab Queenz in Houston, Texas.  Due to its popularity, only 9 months after launching their first restaurant, Krab Queenz was able to expand and open new locations in Los Angeles and Atlanta. The restaurant immediately caught the attention of many celebrities with her business partner being a successful social influencer, Blame It On Kway who has over 4.6 million followers. 

“I met Kway 6 years ago via his sister I loved his comedy and knew together we could really expand his brand,” she said.

Burton’s entrepreneurial success has not been limited to just the restaurant industry. She has managed to build and cultivate several multiple million-dollar businesses. She started 5 years ago and has extraordinarily managed to accomplish her entrepreneurial ambitions while battling Multiple Sclerosis. While her health issues is a serious struggle, she must endure daily, she refuses to allow it to define or hinder her from attaining her goals. 

“My favorite quote that I live by is ”Winners Win” If you have a winner mindset you have no choice but to win! 

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