How Ethan Duran is helping aspiring entrepreneurs succeed through his widely successful ‘Exotic Car Rental Academy’

Sticking to your guts and making it big in this world is not an easy task; in fact, it is quite a daunting task that deserves every bit of respect from customers. Impressing a customer with their knowledge and business acumen is what makes entrepreneurs good at their job. Then there are business people who help others succeed and become better entrepreneurs. Ethan Duran is one such person, and he is helping aspiring entrepreneurs to grow through his widely successful Exotic Car Rental Academy.

An Exotic car rental business is generally acknowledged to be the fastest way to earn millions. And it doesn’t cost anything at all. Duran teaches budding entrepreneurs the tricks of joining and succeeding in the Exotic car rental trade. “I stumbled upon the business by chance. I wanted to get into investment banking in LA, but once I got into Exotic Car Rentals and the potential they had to offer, there was no turning back for me. It also helped that I was confident I could do better than most others in the business,” said Duran. Starting in 2019, Duran made USD 2,700,000 in his first year, and it changed his life. Exotic Car Rental Academy became one of his most successful ventures. Currently, he is working on Corsa Auto Rental in Miami.

When younger, all Duran wanted was to be successful. Now, he helps others who faced the same fears as he did when he moved to LA, achieve their full potential. Everything a budding entrepreneur needs to know before starting this business is taught at the Exotic Car Rental Academy. Duran certainly has an edge in this because he happens to be the only person in the industry teaching the trade. With enrollments from all over the globe, he has been able to grow his business with the help of his top students.

It took Ethan Duran a while to figure out what he wanted to do in his life. He tried nearly everything before finally realizing his passion was to continually progress in his life, no matter what the setbacks. And now, he teaches the same thing to his students.


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