How Entrepreneur Jessica Bartlett Revolutionized the Subscription Content Industry with COY Co.

How Entrepreneur Jessica Bartlett Revolutionized the Subscription Content Industry with COY Co.

Since the dawn of the digital age, entrepreneurs have continuously sought new ways to capitalize on the Internet. And with the meteoric evolution of the social media influencer, the term self-made entrepreneur has since been defined even further since the genesis of social media capitalization. While 2020 has spawned an even greater interest in paid subscription content by way of social media, one rising businesswoman has capitalized on the concept of subscription based platforms in a big way. 

With over a million followers on Instagram, Jessica Bartlett saw first-hand the power of a significant social media following. Though over the last few years, growing substantial following on Instagram usually equates to brand deals and partnering with companies in order to generate revenue as an influencer, Bartlett saw a major flaw in this business model that many, if not all, influencers enlist. Instead of pushing someone else’s brand, product or company, Bartlett saw the opportunity to leverage her massive social media following by creating her own platform, COY Co. 

“Influencers are starting to see the value in creating and promoting their own brand, versus being paid to promote someone else’s,” Bartlett says. “And with exclusive content proving to be more lucrative than a brand deal, why promote another brand when you can promote your own through COY Co.?” 

As COY Co., content creators are empowered to create whatever type of content they like, as long as it offers value beyond what their fans can find on Instagram. The platform’s name is an acronym that stands for “Capitalize On YOU,” something Bartlett encourages all her influencers and content creators to take full advantage of by way of the platform. Though most paid subscription platforms are known for being associated with sex work, COY Co., is claiming its place in the industry as the platform where there is no sex work stigma, unlike competitor platforms like OnlyFans or Patreon. Instead, COY Co. is distinguished as the elite selection where fans will find only high-yielding influencers available on platform. Furthermore, COY Co.’s influencers are protected by strictly enforced guidelines and legal support, should anyone’s content ever be leaked. The platform promotes security and promises that leaked content will be removed within 24 hours of breach. 

With a failsafe business model in place for their influencers, COY Co. creators are free to worry less and focus on creating one-of-a-kind premium content for their followers. The company additionally provides influencers with high-value resources like assistance with organizing monthly content shoots, top tier production, paid media and marketing campaigns, and more. As an influencer that can relate, Bartlett truly has thought of everything. 

Though other platforms have gained popularity in the media, COY Co. is well on its way to being recognized as the premier choice for subscription content. 

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