Honey Lestrange Accuses Halsey Of Humiliating & Disrespecting Her News

Honey Lestrange Accuses Halsey Of Humiliating & Disrespecting Her

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October 13, 2021

Halsey has been called out by exotic dancer Honey LeStrange. She claims she is not being paid enough after booking out the entire club. The singer had promoted her 2019 single at the Cheetah.

She insisted that all the dancers be present on her promotional night which LeStrange found unusual as celebrities do not often make requests. When the event unfolded, Honey performed for the night but was pulled off of the stage so that Halsey could perform. This led Honey to lose her chance to earn that night.

She revealed that people usually do not like working at celebrity parties because of the low pay. But her fellow dancers were being tipped off sufficiently throughout the event. This led Honey to have high hopes and she shared all this on TikTok.

The dancer revealed that she began dancing but was interrupted by her manager who told her that Halsey would perform. When the singer went onstage to perform the audience thought that it was the last performance of the night. They ended up tossing all the money they had on the stage. But when Honey took the stage after that, the majority got up and left because they had no money to spare.

As per reports, Halsey gave the money she got to the dancers. There were a total of 36 dancers who split the money as each of them received $120 dollars. But dancers have to pay a fee to the club to have allowed them to perform. This led to Honey only having $20 for the night. The TikTok video by Honey went viral and users urged Halsey to pay the dancers a sufficient amount.

Honey Says She Would Need An Apology & Acknowledgement

Many users also said Halsey might have been unaware of the consequences of her actions. Honey made another video and claimed that the singer knew that the dancers would be losing out on pay. She shared, “She knew…. if she did not know I don’t know how she made it to adulthood. And she f**king knows now.”

In an interview, Honey revealed that she would like an apology from the singer and that she acknowledges the situation. The dancer added, “Regardless of whether those were her intentions, I was taken off stage and humiliated. I want to know that she has the compassion to see how embarrassing it would be for a regular person to perform after celebrity for pity scraps. If she apologized I would accept it.”

She also said that she lost her opportunity to perform for a large crowd. Honey added that if Halsey wants to support s-x workers she can do so. She shared, “Donating to orgs, pushing policy change, speaking out against people who use us as props like I believe she did that night. Supporting us doesn’t just mean pretending to be us for a night.”

Halsey is yet to comment on the situation.