His passion is admirable,but he must know where to draw the line: Farokh Engineer on Virat Kohli’s aggression on field

Farokh Engineer,well known former India wicket-keeper batsman,praised Indian captain Virat Kohli for his aggressive captaincy in the ongoing Test Series against England.However,he also said that Virat must know where to stop.

Passionate reactions of Virat Kohli to the events on occuring on field is nothing new,however,they are making news once again since the current series has been extremely exciting.Virat’s expressions to the DRS outcomes and gestures from the Lord’s balcony where making the news as well as footage in the second test.While speaking to Sports Tak,Engineer applauded Kohli’s passion but advised him to tone it down a bit.

Kohli was involved in trash talk with James Anderson during the second test,most of which was audible in the stumps mic.Also,Jasprit Bumrah and Anderson had a go at each other on field,with Anderson clearly provoking Bumrah while the latter was walking away.Clear as it is,the second test match at Lord’s was fierce and that made the whole match even more exciting and thrilling than most test matches are.

Engineer himself had been involved in verbal altercations in his time,with him being the different one than his teammates.In those times,most of the Indian cricketers would stay quiet and walk away but Farokh wouldn’t tolerate any ridiculous comments thrown at him.He would silence the English players with his bat and also his wicketkeeping skills.So,Farokh obviously is well known with English cricketers and their tactics to disturb the opposition,though the generations of both the cricketers is vastly different.

Lauding India’s bowling duo for their crucial contribution with the bat in the second innings,Engineer described Bumrah and Shami as Khadoos(stubborn).England cricketers,not being able to get the 9th wicket with skills,tried to strike it by mind games.With their obnoxious comments and shallow words,they tried to shatter the confidence of Bumrah and Shami while they were on the crease,surviving the difficult deliveries of English bowlers,along with their below the immoral tactics.The duos’ partnership was the main cause of India actually going for the victory and not just trying to save the test.

Of course,the contribution of Rahane-Pujara’s long partnership had assisted the whole Indian team in coming out of the difficult phase of  early wickets that India had lost.The duo had added 100 runs off 297 balls,and slowly pushed the momentum in the favor of India.Both Pujara and Rahane had been in a slump,with both being not able to contribute much to the team.However,with the top order batsmen being out cheaply,the experienced duo took responsibility and cruised India to a safer position.

Fans are still arguing whether it was Pujara-Rahane’s determined partnership that took India beyond the victory point or was it the persistent partnership of Shami-Bumrah that was totally unexpected and crushed the morale of the English Team.Let us know your opinion on this discussion in the comment box below and also mention your favorite moment from the historical Lord’s test.



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