Hira Mani Talks About Sahir Lodhi On Time Out With Ahsan Khan News

Hira Mani Talks About Sahir Lodhi On Time Out With Ahsan Khan

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Time icon June 28, 2021

Hira Mani is one of the most famous actresses of the Pakistani showbiz industry. She is currently in the United States of America with her family enjoying some time off work.

Hira started her career as a video jockey before moving on to hosting.

She had been a part of many dramas and almost all of them turned out to have been mega successful. The name Hira Mani has now become a a personal brand in the Lollywood industry.

Hira Mani On Timeout With Ahsan Khan

Hira and her husband Mani were recently seen as guest appearances at the famous show Timeout With Ahsan Khan.

In one of the segments of the show, Hira Mani imitated the style of Sahir Lodhi. Speaking about Sahir Lodhi Hira Mani said: “Sahir Lodhi is only one, and he will be the only one. He is never-ending and it will go on like this”

Recent Controversy

In the past few years, the number of fans of Hira Mani have increased significantly. Hira Mani has recently been spotted with her husband and children in Texas, USA. 

The actress recently shared a video of her filling the car’s gas tank at a station. During the video, she said that it was a great honor for Pakistanis to have a house help in most of the homes. She compared it to the US saying that in the US, women do it all by themself.

Hira Mani’s video is getting a lot of negative comments as people are not happy with what she called as a luxury of having helping women at home when in reality, most of the house-help women community has been forced to choose the profession out of poverty.

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