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Hilary Duff & Ashley Benson Get Candid On ‘Lady Parts’ With Sarah Hyland

Hilary Duff and Ashley Benson opened up about their major milestones in Sarah Hyland’s new web show, Lady Parts. The actresses’ revealed how they got their first periods as they chatted along with OB/GYN Dr. Sherry Ross.

They talked about puberty, destigmatizing menstruation, and sex education. Sarah questioned Ashley asking her how her first period was like. Ashley looked back and said it happened at 14-years-old when she was in a high school dance class. The actress explained that she was in an art school, in her dance period.

The Pretty Little Liars star further shared that all of a sudden she felt like she peed herself. She said, “All of a sudden, I felt like, I don’t know, peed myself or something. And, I ran to the bathroom, and, I looked and there was just blood everywhere.” The actress shared she was 14 and felt like it is a little late but maybe it is normal. She recalled feeling completely red and embarrassed.

Ashley shared that she was so embarrassed that she used to throw out her underwear. She said, “I was just stuffing toilet paper in my underwear basically.” Meanwhile, Hilary also shared her story of getting her first menstrual cycle. She shared that she was at her home alone with a few of her friends.

The actress shared that she went inside into the bathroom and there was blood in her bathing suit. However, she said it wasn’t a disaster and she knew what was happening to her body. She recalled seeing the blood and being like, “Oh my God!” The actress was familiar with menstruation because of her older sister, Haylie.

Ashley Shares Her Horrible Experience With Menstrual Cups

Hilary further shared that she went out and asked everyone to leave from the pool party. She explained that she was paranoid if her parents would tell anyone. The actress noted, “It was so emotional, it’s so scary. The feelings around it are so impossible to deal with, at the time.”

Sarah also shared her story and revealed she also experienced her menstrual cycle during a dance class. “I just ran out of the ballet studio and into the dressing room bathroom area, and of course, the level of ballet I was at the time were those periwinkle blue leotards, so… you could tell,” she said, while Benson and Duff cringed. 

The Modern Family alum called her mother for help. She revealed that her mother created a “makeshift toilet paper pad” to put in her underwear. The actresses also opened up about body hair, sex, navigating pads, and tampons.

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Dr. Ross suggested using a menstrual cup while swimming as Ashley jumped on to tell her horrible experience of using a cup. The actress shared how she had to have her friends pull out the cup. She explained that it would not come out because of which she had to get help. “This was last year, by the way, I was 29,” she quipped. 

Sarah drove the conversation to women’s sex education classes. Ashely shared how for her it consisted of watching a movie since she went to a Christian school. She said that it wasn’t really explained in the right way. The actress shared, “I think a lot of things were kind of hidden… I kind of just learned from my older friends about everything.”

Meanwhile, Hilary shared that for her she was convinced when she was younger that the first time you had sex, you would get pregnant. She further said how it was a bummer that people did not talk about it being for pleasure too.

“I never got taught that it was about feeling good and connecting with someone,” she began. “As a young girl, you get taught, you want the guy to feel good…and that is really a terrible mentality to go into having sex with.” Sarah agreed and said it was the biggest misconception for young women.

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