Hike of Young Egyptian Social Media Entrepreneur Pharaoic and His Company Spzrts

Marko Danial, aka Pharaoic, is a powerful social media influencer and marketer with more than 3 million followers across numerous platforms. As a content creator, Pharaoic delivers an unparalleled level of expertise and genuineness – especially given his young age. He’s also the Founder and CEO of Spzrts, a brand committed to making sports gear and apparel accessible to players everywhere. The company also includes Spzrts World, a sports media news site, and Spzrts Digital, an Instagram growth agency for sports brands and athletes. Outside of content creation and Spzrts, Pharaoic is also a musical artist whose EP, ‘Part of the Plan’, was released in May 2019. Pharaoic currently resides in California where he works content for his multiple social media presences, including his popular youtube channel.

When he launched his social media career, Pharaoic had no idea it would become the real deal. Born in Egypt and moving to the U.S. in 2007, he has never been one to let an opportunity go by. He has always been a huge basketball fan, and so sports has been a naturally occurring element in his social media pages and entrepreneurial endeavors. Through his social media endeavors, and all his subsequent ventures, he’s learned to engage people but also to genuinely help them. 

Currently, Pharaoic is studying mechanical engineering and working to expand his company, Spzrts. His vision is to always be a serial entrepreneur, running numerous companies, working with many people, and continuing to be a social media influencer. As of today, Pharaoic’s goals are to push forward and motivate others. He wants to preach the teachings that anyone can do what he has achieved in his life at such a young age. Whether he’s working on a new musical project or developing Spzrts, Pharaoic is carefully curating the next big thing as we speak.