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Here’s Why Love Island Alum Dr. Alex George Deleted His Twitter Handle

The reality show Love Island is popular for its unique concept but another thing which it is famous for is its contestants! While the contestants continue to stay in the news after they leave the show, it usually revolves around their ‘mental health’.

Former Love Island contestant Dr.Alex George is the latest addition to the list. He has deleted his Twitter account on August 9th and the reason is not the trolls but his ‘mental health’! While he was receiving a lot of trolls, Dr. Alex George says that “trolling” wasn’t a factor in his decision to go off from Twitter.

“Protect Our Mental Well-Being”

He took to Instagram yesterday and explained why he has taken a break from Twitter. He said:

“I have decided to delete my @twitter account. I believe we should all take the necessary steps to protect our mental well-being and be brave in creating boundaries where this could be affected. I have not made this decision because I have been trolled. Most of what I see on that platform is negative and demotivating. Life is far too short. Do not be afraid to take action to protect your mental health. You have that right. Social media has incredible power for good if used correctly and I am so proud of the community we have here 💙 #CancelNegativity”.

Fan Reactions

A similar thing has happened in the past when fellow former Love Island alum Belle Hassan also took time for digital detox and quit social media. Fans are also very concerned for current contestant Faye Winter.

Dr. Alex George’s Instagram post attracted support and well-wishes from his supporters. The winner of Love Island season 5 Amber Rose Gill also took to the comments section and said “Twitter is such a toxic place.”

James Mcvey commented saying ‘Good Decision Mate’. Others said ‘very wise, I did the same a year ago’. One user revealed ‘i’ve never done Twitter but deleted my Facebook’. Dr. Alex George replied to a significant number of comments under the post.

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