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Here’s what Kartik Aaryan has to say on his controversial video with his sister

Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan had uploaded a video on social media a few weeks back which fell into a controversy!

Remember the controversial video Kartik Aaryan uploaded a few weeks back? It saw him mishandling his sister and throwing her off the balcony after she prepared a not-so-good chapati for him.

The actor had received a lot of flak from people for the video. And later Kartik had finally taken it down from his social media accounts. Now the actor has reacted on the controversy while talking to Film Companion.

He said, “It was said that it promoted domestic violence. Think about it, if that had been the case, don’t you think my sister would have objected? Or my mom? They watched it before we uploaded it. Things are sometimes blown out of proportion as well.”


Kartik is firm on his stand that he was not promoting domestic violence in any manner. “After I deleted the video, many people asked me why did I delete it. There are two sides to everything. You just have to go along. But I am not promoting anything,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kartik Aryan is going to appear in films like Bhool Bhulaiyas 2 and Dostana 2. However, all the films are on hold due to the lockdown due to coronavirus.

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