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Here’s what Anushka Sharma has to say on her show Paatal Lok being compared with Sacred Games!

Anushka Sharma’s recent production venture Paatal Lok has been receiving a lot of appreciation and has created good buzz on social media!

Very few web series in India have been able to make an impact on the audience and create an extreme buzz. One such show is Paatal Lok. Released on Amazon Prime a few weeks back, it has taken all over social media.

From appreciation posts to the memes, Paatal Lok has flooded the internet with its presence. However, people have also been comparing it with another popular Indian web series Sacred Games.


Pinkvilla asked Anushka Sharma, who is the producer of the series, to share her thoughts on the comparisons. She said, “People always find some commonality in things but if you see both the shows are very different from one another and both are credible in their own way.  I think a lot of good work is being done for the OTT platform and I’m very appreciative of it.”  

Talking about the hit series, it has gained a lot of appreciation from the celebs as well. From From Anurag Kashyap to Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh all are in praises of the show.

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