Here’s how the most admired emcee Clince Varghese aces his bachelor life in Mumbai News

Here’s how the most admired emcee Clince Varghese aces his bachelor life in Mumbai

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Time icon March 14, 2020

A growing number of people, especially youngsters, are moving houses, even cities, to stay away from all the hassle and be closer to their office and work amenities.

Similarly, Clince who is born in Kerala and brought up in Mumbai moved out of his parents house to live an independent life in the city.

One who closely follows Clince is aware that the lad stays in a plush apartment in Goregaon, Mumbai which he calls his zen space, a name which totally does Justice to the entire house setup.

Sharing the apartment with two more people, Clince has set an example for all the bachelors out there who struggle to survive at home away from home.

From waking up to a serene view, to indulging in some fitness regime to preparing mouth-watering and healthy delicacies, Clince has been acing the bachelor’s life and how!

Here’s what he has to say:-

  1. How Does it feel to stay away from family ?

Though I physically stay away from my family, the morals and values I have been raised with, helps me stay connected with them in spirit. Infact, I ensure that I do a video or phone call to my Mom, dad and sister atleast once a day if not more. Moreover, they are very active on social media and they follow my stories and posts. It keeps them updated about my everyday adventures too


2. You have maintained your house so well. What are the thoughts that went into designing the Zen Space?

I have always fancied the idea of curating a living space that helps me stay motivated and grounded. I believe in the power of subliminal communication. Hence I named the pad, The ZEN Space. A place that inspires me to work hard to expand my intuition & intelligence. Hence, you will find Motivational quotes on the walls, creative artwork & colours that represent positive vibes and a lot of plants that work as air purifiers and aromatherapists. do you manage to cope up with your household chores and work life together?

My parents are my biggest source of inspiration. My Mom and Dad were a working couple when we were growing up. I have seen them stay committed to balancing their personal and professional life.
In every crisis, lies an opportunity to grow. My main objective of moving out of my parents’ house was to help myself be independent and more responsible in life. Hence, I cook healthy meals, wash my clothes and put it to dry and do other household chores all by myself. I have used this opportunity to transform myself into a better human.

4. How often do you go for grocery shopping & what items are the most preferred in your kitchen?

I go grocery shopping at least twice a week, as I prefer fresh ingredients to cook with. It’s a myth that healthy food doesn’t taste good. I ensure that my kitchen always has protein-rich food and I mix it up with healthy carbs and fats, multivitamin and mineral-rich food products.
Off late, I have started substituting red meat with green veggies and alternate protein sources.


5. Your Instagram page tells us the fact that you have always been a health freak. How do you manage to come up with such healthy delicacies?

I was born in a sporting family and I have been a national level athlete too. Active lifestyle, nutritious diet & sufficient rest has been a part of my everyday life since my formative years.
As a child, I have always enjoyed sitting by my mama while she would cook Malabari and Keralite delicacies. Hence, a lot of my skills come from there. With all the globetrotting I have done, I have been inspired by a variety of global cuisines. This, with passion and patience I try out something new every day.

6. What’s your tip for all the bachelor’s out there?

We focus so much on our professional life that most of the time, we neglect our personal lives. Our job empowers us with self-confidence, but to sustain that energy when we are back home is even more important.
Today we are bachelors, tomorrow most of us might be husband’s and fathers. I see my current phase of life as an opportunity to practice for my future roles.

The only way to be more productive and efficient is by consciously practising passion and patience in everything we do.

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