Here Is The Reason Why Valkyrae Struggles To Play GTA RP On Stream

Valkyrae is one of the most talented female streamers on the planet. Her streams are full of entertainment and fun moments. She is also called as the ‘Queen of Streaming’ by her fanbase.

Recently. Valkyrae was embroiled in an escalated controversy after the release of her skincare brand RFLCT. She said that the RFLCT skincare products will protect users from harmful blue light emitted from screens but the Internet wasn’t convinced. Many accused Valkyrae of spreading rumors and saying that RFLCT brand was based on ‘pseudo science’.

However, the streamer effectively terminated her brand and is even making jokes about her controversial RFLCT skincare line now.

Social Anxiety

In one of her latest streams, she also talked about playing GTA RP and why she is lately not very comfortable with it. She revealed that the reason behind her struggles playing on the No Pixel server is ‘social anxiety’.

“I legit don’t know everyone [in GTA RP] that well,” she said. “I know it’s just roleplaying, I get that, but it still really affects me in real life too.

“For me, roleplaying, it feels like if I was hanging out with someone new one-on-one. Or I was meeting a totally new person and hanging out, I get those nerves.”

‘I’ve Been Trying To Make More Friends’

“I’m not as socially capable as a lot of the other streamers. I can’t describe it. I’ve been trying to make more friends, in streaming and GTA RP, but it’s not that easy for me.

“I don’t like streaming when I’m nervous and all that stuff just makes me so nervous. I don’t want it impacting my streams.”

“I’ve been trying to [work through it],” she added, “but you guys know it just makes me so uncomfortable, and that makes me less excited to play.”

Hence, this is why Valkyrae has even considered quitting playing the GTA RP game on stream forever. What do you think about the whole story? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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