Hefna is New Jersey’s most exciting Teen Artist on the rise.

The 19-Year-old artist is New Jersey’s well rounded, up and coming rapper. Hefna380 is slowly emerging as one of New Jersey’s hottest Artists. Hailing from the great state of New Jersey are big rappers like “Fetty Wap” , “Skinnyfromthe9” and many others Hefna380 is a fresh new artist already making a name for himself. Dropping his first two hit songs “ I Gotta Go” and “Real Rockstar” it isn’t hard to tell This kid has a lot of talent. Whether it’s singing, or rapping hefna can do it all. His strong High pitch, melodic flows are certainly outstanding. There certainly aren’t many rappers like him, extremely catchy lyrics, flows, and a very much understanding concept behind his music.

Hefna380 was born in Brooklyn, New York, the youngest of two siblings. Moving to the state of New Jersey at a late age was oddly life changing for him. He  never had aspirations of becoming a rapper, he was more set on the sport of basketball, only until a late age he came down with a career ending injury that stopped him from pursuing his basketball dreams. Hefna found a very unique, unhidden talent that inspired him to start making music. He realized his vocals were an eye opener. He started the creation of Music , which now he is loved by many fans and supporters all over the world, For an Artist being so young, starting off his career the way he did shows extreme talent. Portraying a Rockstar Lifestyle the rapper tends to give off very flashy vibes, of a “ Real Rockstar” named the title of his second song that he released, with lyrics so meaningfully it makes you understand the kind of person hefna380 is, “ Im a real rockstar fucking real bad broads” gives an explaination on him and the type of rockstar activities he portrays. His fashion is on a whole nother level Chained pants, Leather jackets, and Boots judging from his music to everyday fashion hefna certainly gives off the same vibes he portrays in his music.

For a society so futuristic nowadays hefna 380’s “I Gotta Go” relates to many topics in today’s world. “See i gotta switch up on the fake ones who claiming they my friend now” is a true meaning to life. Harmonizing on the track stating how his life is at the current moment can be very relatable to the young society. Deep into “ I gotta Go” the mood certainly changes , “ calling up my phone she dont know right now she calling up my phone leave me alone right now” certainly makes you feel for hefna. Hefna380 is already making local history as a new artist for his age. For him Fame and success is certainly gonna be very quick to get used to.